music video


  • Performance Video with Band
  • Whimsical in the feel of the video
  • Story with a (40+ yr old) couple in Love enjoying each other’s company
  • Beach/cabana Vibe
  • Bright and Colorful
  • Capture most of band members performance, storyline, & b-roll on day 1
  • Capture remaining band members on day 2

Week 1: Production – Day 1 (March 3rd) & Day 2 (TBD)

  – Capture footage of scenes, ingest video files, apply basic grade, begin edit.

Week 2: Post-Production

  – Editing, Audio, Present first complete edit to client.

Week 3: Post-Production

  – Make revisions, final grade, polish, Output final videos.



Project includes a round of revisions and up to 3 weeks from final shoot date to complete final product.

Further revisions cost $50 – $75 per hour depending on the revision.

*Expect edits via e-mail by 5pm on or before the end of each week with project beginning at first shoot date.