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Cyclorama Acoustic Treatment

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Acoustic Treated Sound Stage Cyclorama

Acoustic Quieting is achieved by absorbing the vibrational energy or minimizing the source of the vibration. One of the many reasons that Producers and Directors choose us is for the cutting-edge production equipment that we have available for use. One piece of equipment in particular is our Cyclorama Room which features Track Mounted Black Acoustic Curtains that can surround the space. Acoustic curtains are made with 75% – 100% fullness and a lined/double faced finish. The heavier these curtains, the better the sound absorption. In return, this dramatically reduces high frequency echo and excessive reverb in a room.

Our ALL BLACK 32oz. TRACK MOUNTED Magic Velour curtains are the heaviest weight velour in standard use. Weighing 2 pounds per linear yard and the ability to rotate a full 360-degrees, our Magic Velour Curtains consisting of an exceptionally plush woven fabric resembling velvet are the top of the line in sound-absorbing material.


32 oz. Magic Velour, FR

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