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Feature Film Distribution

Studio 713 uses AVOD channels to access niche markets and reach untapped audiences. AVOD platforms offer non-traditional deals to non-traditional films, using ad revenue to keep the engine running so that they can take a chance on small-market, big-idea films.

Full service, full commitment

Use Studio 713’s full-service Houston video production house to promote your film. We are fully equipped to help you create a social media campaign, shoot interviews, and develop promotional marketing material.

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Custom distribution deals

Whether you’re a filmmaker or an agent, if you’re looking for film studios in Houston to distribute a film, contact us.

Everything we do is customized to your needs. Whether you’re looking for an AVOD deal or pre-sale financing, let’s talk.

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Cyclorama sound stage

Total control over your environment for your film production in Houston. Our cyclorama soundstage experience is one of total immersion that few other production studios in Houston can provide.

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Full audio production

Music is the backbone of Studio 713. If you’re looking for production companies in Houston to help you score your film or bring your soundtrack to life, our Houston recording studios offer everything you need to make your film sound as good as it looks.

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Looking to book your next session or start collaborating on your next project? Tell us about it. We’ll give you a call.

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