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Studio 713 Corporate Video Production Will Take Your Company To A Higher Level

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As competitive as cooperate America is, companies are still looking for strategic ways that will distinguish them from the rest. In Houston, the formula that has propelled many companies in the business world has been corporate video production.

Since 2016, filming has played a significant role in marketing strategies for corporate companies here in H-Town. According to ProductionHUB, a global networking group for the media and entertainment industry, Houston is the third-fastest-growing city for corporate video production, ahead of places like Los Angeles and Dallas.

One advantage that helped Houston climb ahead in the corporate world has been company-studio relationships. Unlike Los Angeles, which has the largest film industry in the world, the majority of the people here aren’t using film to pursue Hollywood dreams; instead, companies use video production for internal use or marketing purposes. Today, tons of video content is being created by corporate companies for YouTube and social media, and corporate events are being live-streamed. Whether it’s a commercial add, 30 second Instagram video, or footage for their website, corporate America here in Houston plays a massive role in the film industry.

Knowing that Houston is the No.1 place for corporate video production and that companies thrive from having relationships with studios, the best thing to do is build a company-studio relationship with Studio 713.

Here at Studio 713, we hire the best creative young professionals and match them with the best equipment and technology that will convey any message your company is sending. We use the same equipment as the major Holly-wood filmmakers, the RED EPIC DRAGON cinematic camera. We have a 23×30 foot green screen, and a full-service creative studio, right here in Downtown Houston. Not only does video production give companies a corporate advantage, but it also shows that you care about customers and potential customers. Visual aid is your brand communicating with and effectively positioning your brand, products, and services in the brain of clients and future clients.

Just before the NBA All-Star game in Charlotte, North Carolina, State Farm used Studio’713’s green screen to transform the Houston Rocket’s starting point guard into a full functioning hologram. Just as Tupac performed with Snoop Dogg live at Coachella in 2012, Chris Paul greeted and waved at fans as they visited the State Farm promotional booth inside of the Spectrum Center, the arena that hosted the NBA All-Star game.

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