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The DJI Ronin

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The Beloved DJI Ronin

Steady footage vs. shaky footage. It’s easy to tell the difference, but achieving that smooth camera movement is much more than just simply holding the camera “steadier”. Known as the Ronin, the industry leading camera stabilization system by DJI is a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer which utilizes three separate motors within it’s rig in order to balance the camera and hold it from bouncing and shaking as the operator holds it. Whether you’re tracking a subject jogging along the sidewalk or trying to get some panning shots of the city skyline, the Ronin holds true to it’s guarantee of smooth camera stabilization each and every time no matter the situation. It’s the popular choice amongst most music video shoots along with other video content seen all over the internet. The reasoning for this is simply because of its ease of use. The only requirement needed to operate the Ronin is two arms to hold it up. The technology within the system does the rest of the work for you. For a stabilization system smooth enough to hold up your drink, ( simple enough for nearly anyone to operate, and reliable enough to ensure smooth camera movement each time of use, there really is no better choice than the DJI Ronin.


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