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Audiobook recording

We work with independent publishers and large houses to record, produce, and edit high quality audiobooks. If you’re recording an audiobook, and looking for production studios in Houston, you can’t do better than 713.

Audiobook production from audio engineers

Recording audiobooks gets complicated. We’ve been making audiobooks for years at our music studios in Houston, offering engineered sessions that ensure nothing gets in the way of the story.

Audiobook editing and formatting

Audiobooks are long, complex projects that become difficult to organize, edit, and format. Things like file organization, noise, and improper chapter formatting can turn a bestselling novel into an unsellable block of data — unless you book with professionals who know the process, like those at 713.

Amazon Audiobook Exchange (ACX) standards

You’re going to want your audiobook on Audible, and Amazon has very specific requirements not limited to bit rate, noise floor, and format. Don’t spend time and effort recording a less-than-perfect version at home, only to be rejected by audiobook publishers and distributors. Get it right the first time at Studio 713’s Houston recording studio.

Creative production services at 713

As well as recording audiobooks 713 can serve all of your Houston video production needs. Is that audiobook right for a film adaptation? Partner with our Houston film studio on a short or feature film, or even web content for use in promotion.

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